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Growth Engineer




entre 50k€ et 70k€ selon profil

Description de l'entreprise

Who we are ?

At Crisp, we’re a team of people who believe that customers are willing to chat with companies the way they are chatting with their friends. On any channel. Through a multichannel shared inbox, Crisp allows to personalize each conversation, increase teams’ productivity and improve internal collaboration. Combined with other features, they allow teams to decrease their load to better focus on growing activation and retention.

Crisp is a French company of 12 people working with more than 400 000 companies around the world. Created in 2015, the company now helps more than 200 000 000 users to chat with companies on more than 10 channels. With customers in every country of the world, Crisp is one of the leading solution providers in its market.

Our hybrid model offers the flexibility of remote work or office work in Nantes. The team is composed of people based in France, the Philippines, Mexico, Salvador, and Portugal.

The communication is fully asynchronous and we have a culture of no meeting, no deadline, and no objective.

Crisp is a fully bootstrapped PLG company with a 100% inbound strategy, scaling in every country of the world. We want to remain bootstrapped and not planning to raise money at all.

Recently, we moved from being a software to a platform, allowing anyone to build apps on top of Crisp and sell them to our audience of customers.

While always keeping a sustainable vision of team growth, we’re slowly going upmarket and scaling our inbound processes, to make Crisp accessible to any companies in the world.

Le poste

Growth Engineer



entre 50k€ et 70k€ selon profil



Startup / Éditeur de logiciels


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Le poste et ses missions

Why do we need you

Crisp is accelerating in the SMBs market and we need reinforcement to scale our growth strategy.

The growth team is composed of the CEO, the CMO and a front-end developer and designers on demand that are tied to our Slack workspace. As the company grows, the CEO wants to get rid of the back-end stuff. We’re now looking for a back-end developer to help us fulfill our growth efforts and scale in every direction. That’s why Crisp is creating the position of “Growth Engineer” to build Berta. Berta is our growth platform and is the key platform to build everything we will require in the future.

You’ll be the owner of this project, technically, working alongside the CMO and the front-end developer to build Berta.

What you’ll be doing

You’ll be responsible for defining, owning, and building the growth platform. You’ll be working alongside a team of specialists in their fields to succeed. We promote a flat hierarchy so you’ll not have to wait for someone’s approval to take action.
Our engineers contribute to the engineering culture within and outside of Crisp: they contribute to Open Source Software projects (see our Github), and share learnings through conferences and on our blog.

Here are your main missions:

  • Build Berta as a core platform that will help us to fuel our growth engine
  • Design, develop, test and maintain robust architectures and services for maximum reliability, resilience and scalability with security in mind
  • Working on simple projects to automate the boring stuff for everyone in the team
  • Contribute to the Crisp ecosystem by making some of our project open-source
  • Document your journey to share your learnings along the way.

About the growth strategy:

We’re at a key step of the Crisp story. We’re going upmarket, building a sales and partnership team, as well as a better onboarding process.

We need to build workflows to make their life easier, whether it is in terms of assignment or retribution. Everything has to be built here.

We need to improve the customer success experience to increase product adoption and usage from within new and existing customers.

All of this leads us to huge improvements that we believe have to be done by our own means. We’re a team of builders that like to have control over our features roadmap. That’s why we need to build an internal platform that fits perfectly with our growth strategy.

Your tools:

- Crisp API & Marketplace
- Gitlab
- Amplitude
- Clearbit
- ProspectWith
- VueJS
- NodeJS

Nos outils au quotidien


Les petits plus du poste

🌎 Travail remote possible 🩺 Mutuelle 100% remboursée

Le profil recherché

What we are expecting from you

  • Autonomous: we’re expecting people capable of defining their own objectives and overcoming them.
  • Impact Maker: You are creative, passionate about building software and want to contribute to deliver an innovative product used by thousands of end users.
  • Fluent: Crisp is an international company so you have to master English plus another language (Spanish or French is a big plus).
  • Problem solver: You are pragmatic and product-driven who is interested in solving problems and delivering value while taking into account business and tech tradeoffs.
  • Experienced: you have experience in back-end development and an in-depth knowledge of best practices.
  • Best Practices: You are organized and rigorous. You follow best practices regarding code quality, clean architecture, testing, monitoring, code reviews and CI/CD.
  • Care: you always make sure to provide the maximum care to anyone reaching out to you.

What you’ll get

  • Salary starting between 50k and 70k
  • Health insurance covered 100%
  • Yearly rewards on incomes
  • Build your remote desk budget
  • 5 weeks of paid vacations
  • Yearly team retreat
  • Office work in Nantes or full-remote possible
  • Work in a very cool environment

Join the wonderful Crisp Team

Le processus de recrutement

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