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Software Engineer




entre 40k€ et 85k€ selon profil

Description de l'entreprise

Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the e-health leader in Europe. Doctolib improves the daily lives of more than 300,000 healthcare personnel thanks to innovative medical software. Doctolib also makes access to healthcare fast and equal: more than 60 million Europeans book their appointments and manage their health via Doctolib, in a secure way. In over 30 cities of France, Germany and Italy, more than 2,300 Doctolibers are dedicated to having a positive impact on the healthcare industry.

Le poste

Software Engineer



entre 40k€ et 85k€ selon profil





Le poste et ses missions

Your Team
 Doctolib Engineering environment is very rich. We are building innovative products and features aiming each day to ease doctors’ and patient life. Join a team of hard working entrepreneurs, who are passionate about transforming healthcare and play an active role in shaping a fast-growing company from day one! To go beyond the ad please check our technical blog

What you can expect as a software engineer: 

  • 360 role: From helping to build the product with the Product Manager, coding, deploying your code, to bugs, and having feedback from users.
  • Work closely with Product Manager as a Tech Holder
  • Leads side projects in function of your affinity, you can check this example and this one.
  • Dedicated time each week with your manager.
  • Continuously building the next step of your career path.

Here an idea of your schedule: 

  • 60% designing and implementing new features, regarding the roadmap.
  • 15% on tech tasks (stability, security, technical debt, you name it!)
  • 15% on bugfix – in order to have an healthy platform
  •  The rest is split between recruitment, field trip, cadrage technique, poker planning, follow up with Product Manager. 

About our technical environment? We are working in Feature team: you will collaborate with your team, engineering leaders, product, and design teams. While keeping in touch with the others Feature with “Tech time

  • Working in an agile environment (you will enjoy lean startup methodology).
  • You will be driven by code quality, code testing with the help of your peers for reviews.
  • We are working on a monolith – You can check this video.
  • Our stack is Ruby/React.
  • We deploy 3 times per day – you can deep dive here.
  • You can learn more about our values here and also here.

Why not mastering our stack isn’t an issue? You won’t be the first one not mastering Ruby/React – a lot of our Doctolibers learned once they arrived! We believe that technology should serve the product. It’s more relevant to us to recruit people: 

  • sensitive to product & to users
  • who share a pragmatic vision of coding
  • who wants to learn from the others and to the others.

To help you to quickly learn and grow on our stack, beyond the documentations & pair programming, we have a specific program for you. You can discover it here and there

Les technos de l'équipe


Ruby on Rails

Le profil recherché

  • You could be our next team mate if you have 3+ years of experience as a software engineer. Now, it would be fantastic if you: are comfortable with English
  • have web development experience in a hyper-growth environment.

Le processus de recrutement

 The interview process You can check this article to discover some insights of our process. Recruiter Call (30 min)

  • Home Test (1-2 hours)
  • Technical interviews: 1st round (2 hours) & 2nd Round (2.5 hours)

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Pour les adhérents·es et partenaires de l'association, ce service est gratuit, l'annonce est donc disponible instantanément sur le Jobboard 🥳.
Si vous n'avez pas cette chance, une petite participation financière est demandée: 150€HT pour un emploi, 75€HT pour un stage.

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