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Senior Software developer




entre 40k€ et 50k€ selon profil

Description de l'entreprise

🤓 Lengow, an intelligent and automated e-commerce platform :
Since 2009, Lengow has been the indispensable e-commerce platform for multi-channel expansion in the European market: marketplaces, price comparison websites, affiliate marketing, display ad retargeting, social media, etc.
All jobs are open in Nantes/ Paris/ Barcelona.
✨ Joining Lengow is also an opportunity to benefit from many advantages :

  • Annual Salary: 40000 – 50000 Euros
  • Ticket restaurant 8 euros by day
  • Malakoff Humanis Private insurance & Prevoyance.
  • Hybrid remote policy
  • Flexible hours
  • Bike mileage allowances or 50% of transportation tickets.
  • Remote allowances
  • Professional events (Devoxx, Meetup …) and regular internal cohesion.

Le poste

Senior Software developer



entre 40k€ et 50k€ selon profil



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Le poste et ses missions

Position description :
You will be joining Marketplace team which is our biggest engineering team – the team of 10 people is divided into 2 squads of 5 people.
You will be joining one of our Marketplace squad – focus on developing & maintaining our connectors with marketplaces. The squad you will be joining a team of 5 people.
Our 2023 goal will be to secure our Top-10 connectors by securing our delivery pipeline and increasing our quality. As well as developing new things to ensure scalability, customer satisfaction and business growth

Purpose of the job:
You will be joining one of our squad as a Senior Software Developer – you will be the main contact point of your engineering manager for the squad.

⌨️ Your main tasks would be as follows :

  • People – You will support and grow the skills of your squad :
    • You will help the squad to overcome technical blockers
    • You will be in charge of growing technical skills of the squad
    • You will participate in correcting technical tests & interviewing candidates
  • Owner of the project – you will guarantee the project technical consistency of your squad of 5 people :
    • You will participate in pull request review
    • You will validate technical study / design of the squad
    • You will guarantee the content of the tickets which will be taken in sprints
    • You will maintain & guarantee the DoD (Definition of Done)
  • Innovation – You will be a bearer of the technical innovation of the project
    • You will be force of proposal on the enhancement of the technical stack & the product.
    • You will collect & prioritize technical subjects (enablers) which seems the best in collaboration with product team & the engineering manager.
  • Quality – You will ensure code quality :
    • You will monitor & implement good practices among the squad in collaboration with the tech. lead.
    • You will validate releases, their content and proceed to deployments.
    • You will be the owner of following production incidents with the squad.
  • Development – You will have hand on key subjects of the application :
    • You will be actively participating in the sprint and its completion
    • You will be participating in key subjects linked to the maintenance of the application
      Technical environment:
  • Langage : Python
  • Framework : Django, Celery
  • DB : PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Outils : Bitbucket, Jira, Datadog, Sentry, Docker, RabbitMQ

🎯 OKRs:
After 3 weeks :

  • Onboarding tasks completed
  • Autonomous on Support ticket
    After 6 weeks
  • Autonomous on the design of small feature subject
  • Autonomous on the development of any subject for which the design is already done
  • Force of proposal on long term fix which may require design
    After 4 months :
  • Autonomous on the design of medium subjects
    After 6 months
  • Autonomous on the design of any subject
    Autonomous : You are able to own the subject over with success by doing the analysis & asking the right question to the right person.
    ⭐ Possibility to evolve:
  • A Senior software engineer might evolve to a Tech Lead or team lead position.

Les technos de l'équipe



Les petits plus du poste

🏡 Télétravail friendly 🌎 Travail remote possible 🍻 Collègues se voient hors du travail 👨🏽‍🍳 Tickets restaurant 🚿 Douche pour les sportifs·ves 🚎 Prime de transport 🚲 Local à vélo

Le profil recherché

🏹 We are looking for someone with the following experiences and skills:
Experiences :

  • 2 years as Lead Developer / Tech Lead
  • 5 years as Software developer in Python or other Object oriented programming language
    Skills & soft skills :
  • Python 4 years (must have)
  • Django, PostgreSQL, Celery, Docker (nice to have)
  • Design & Architecture
  • Leadership
  • Curious / Autonomous / Good analytical skills / Force of proposal / Problem Solver

Le processus de recrutement

🪜 Hiring Process :

  • Phone call with Alexandre Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Technical test
  • Interview/restitution with Valentin, Marketplace Tech Lead & Pierre, Engineering Manager
  • Interview with David, the Head of Engineering
  • Reference check and offer letter

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