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Développeur.euse frontend Angular



à partir de 45k€

Description de l'entreprise

EBO is a leader in customer engagement automation. We help enterprises master customer engagement through AI technology, Big Data, and Machine Learning. We combine the power of Artificial Intelligence with the flexibility of language and the scalability of the cloud, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional customer engagement solutions. Our mission is to help you get closer to customers by driving exceptional conversations.
We’ve designed one of the world’s most complete natural language platforms using pioneering AI technology. The platform empowers unique industry-specific products allowing businesses to offer truly human interaction. Simultaneously, it’s automating processes, solving problems quickly, and reducing customer service costs.

EBO est une société maltaise (non, ce n’est pas pour faire de l’optimisation fiscale 🙂 ). Donc le poste est 100% remote, à moins qu’on se prenne un espace de coworking ensemble (je suis le PO et je suis à Nantes), avec toi et nos futurs collègues, qui sait.
Tu auras des collègues d’un peu partout en Europe.

Le poste

Développeur.euse frontend Angular



à partir de 45k€



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Le poste et ses missions

We are looking for a professional to join our team and help us build the development capabilities and practices as EBO grows and matures. You will be working closely with a PO, a React specialist, backend developers, a QA team, and a DevOps team. More detail of the kind of tasks which will be assigned to this role are below:

  • Work with the development team on the creation of code in line with industry best practices.
  • Remain jointly responsible for code-review to ensure a structured product that evolves into a mature, scalable, ‘non-breaking’ enterprise solution.
  • Support the Product Owner In the full specification of new features for the product.
  • Challenge the PO and suggest ideas
  • Provide analysis for technical solutions based on functional requirements.
  • Provide consultative services on technical issues to clients and internal project teams.
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments regarding effective procedures, methods, and tools in software development and testing.
  • Deliver timely unit-tested high-quality deliverables that meet specification functionality requirements.

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React Native



Les petits plus du poste

🏡 Télétravail friendly 🌎 Travail remote possible 🎓 Budget de formation en plus 👥 Petite structure

Le profil recherché


The successful candidate must demonstrate these skills/qualifications/experiences which will be assessed (i) pre-selection by our Recruitment Consultant, (ii) in an interview, and (iii) through demonstrable references:

  • 4+ years of experience in front-end development with specific focus and knowledge on Angular 10+ as an area of attention.
  • Master the Angular life cycle
  • Passionate about his/her craft
  • Excellent spoken English
  • Clean, easily understandable, and minimalistic code approach
  • Strong experience with REST API implementation.
  • Deep knowledge of Typescript functions
  • Ability to use a wide variety of tools like Git, dependency managers, debugger tools, etc.
  • Understand user experience and the importance of UI/UX.
  • Experience with responsive design integration
  • Experience working in a test-driven development environment.
  • Adapts to the business priorities
  • Ability to work hand in hand with backend developers
  • Accountable for his/her teammates

Highly appreciated
1.     A proactive person, willing to participate actively in improving what we do

  • Experience with agile software development approaches including Scrum.
    3.     A DevOps culture (knowledge sharing, microservices approach, etc)
    4.     Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Azure cloud environment
    5.     Experience with containers
    6.     Experience with a complete CI/CD pipeline (tests, deployments, etc)
  • Experience in automated testing using Selenium, BrowserStack, Cypress or similar.
    8.     Doesn’t hesitate to ask for help when needed
    9.     Eager to win challenges
    10.  Able to see the bigger picture behind the task

Le processus de recrutement

  • Un entretien avec le PO et le Lead Dev
  • Un exercice de test où on te proposera de jouer avec l’un de nos moteurs d’AI
  • Une revue de notre code
  • Proposition

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