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Description de l'entreprise

Acernis was created to bring together people that are passionate about using innovative technology to create a positive impact across industries. Acernis specializes in streamlining work processes through 3D data. We achieve this by generating infrastructure digital twins that power the digitalization of infrastructure management tasks, such as inspection, maintenance, network planning and network extension.
We are an international team with a mixed background in civil engineering, civil aviation, mechatronics, software development and international business. You will find a creative and dynamic environment, with multidisciplinary and inspiring teammates committed to solving real-world problems.

Le poste

Project Manger·euse



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Acernis Innovation

TransformationDigitale / Data Analytics / Software / Solutions techniques



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Le poste et ses missions

You will be the link between our clients and the Acernis Operations Team, which delivers 2D and 3D CAD documentation of telecommunication tower and rooftop sites by using our internal Acernis point cloud-to-documentation processing software. You will help the operations team by moderating the agile prioritization process. You will cultivate autonomy and enable ownership for every team member, while contributing to making sure that deadlines and overall goals are being achieved.

Being the operations project coordinator at Acernis means you understand our technical workflows and the impact different software developments may have on them. You participate in closing the knowledge and communication gap between our Product and Operations Team by encouraging direct communication and staying up to date on our product development. You bring our Sales and/or Product Discovery Team into client discussions when the time is right.

Within our operations team, your missions will include:

• Implementing and fostering agile methods to allow for deadline bound delivery and R&D work

• Ensuring that client timelines, deadlines and deliverable quality are kept

• Listening to the Operations Team’s needs and finding solutions together with them

• Enabling ownership and autonomy

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Le profil recherché

You are motivated and resourceful, with a pro-active mindset, and keen to learn, share and empower you and the team within a lively English speaking start-up environment.

Your skills, expertise and interests include:

• 2+ years of experience, ideally working in a startup or small company environment in similar team settings.
• A flair for sharing with people around you, advising teammates, and promoting the team
• The excitement and commitment about understanding and solving down-to-earth industry concerns using cutting-edge technologies
• A pronounced adaptation capability, enhanced by curiosity, fast learning skills, and a humble desire to thrive
• You enjoy a multicultural environment (language skills are a plus)

Le processus de recrutement

  1. Quick introduction call (15min max)
  2. More extensive job interview (1h to 2h max)
  3. Meet the team
  4. Go / No-Go decision

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